Maddie + Max

By Megan Effertz

In her debut novel, Maddie + Max, Megan captures the simplicity of falling in love in the 90’s, and the complications that come with different family dynamics. She tosses in heart-breaking and surprising twists, as Maddie and Max navigate new and hard feelings.

Published April 15, 2024



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Maddie and Max book with coffee on table

Can love survive heartbreak and secrets?

Maddie + Max

When Maddie and Max have a chance meeting after school, sparks fly, literally. The electricity between them is undeniable as they strike up a secret romance. Stealing time alone together, Maddie sees a side of Max that he doesn’t dare share with anyone else. They’re so connected that when they can’t be together, Maddie sees Max in her dreams. Their time together binds them while Max’s secret eventually pulls them a part. Years later, a surprise encounter leads to a moment of passion followed by tremendous heartbreak. The aftermath leaves Maddie dealing with an unexpected secret that she can’t reveal to Max. Instead, Maddie runs from Max but can’t escape dreams of him which haunt her days and nights. Over the next couple of decades, the universe waits patiently for prime moments to thrust Maddie and Max back together, just when she thinks she’s finally let him go.

A testament to the power of the heart and soul, Maddie and Max reminds us that the truest form of love is the one that dares to defy the odds.

Corinne V – New Haven, CT

Maddie + Max captures the nostalgia of falling in love in the 90’s as a teen.

Teresa K – Houston, Texas

The heartbreak moments and surprise twists as Maddie + Max navigate their feelings make this book hard to put down.

 Laurie L – Denver, Colorado

The story of Maddie + Max will keep you turning the pages to move forward in their story, all the while making you pause to look back and reflect upon your own.

Krista S. – Minneapolis, Minnesota

I started reading your book this weekend. If I didn’t have kids I would have finished in a day. 

Busy Moms Everywhere

My favorite was Maddie and how relatable the story was. Reminded me of my first boyfriend when everyone was like why don’t you two go out already.

K.M. – Minnesota

I read your book during the entire flight…the whole Part I! It’s got me sucked in and I know I’m not prepared for what’s about that happen next. Great storytelling!

Elisabeth H. – Phoenix, Arizona

Read your book this weekend! So so good!! 🙌🏻 I can’t wait for my girls to read it.

Heather C. – Lakeville, Minnesota

This should be a Hallmark movie. It’s such a deep story with complex characters. 

Ken L. – Fairfax, Virginia

Beautiful, amazing story!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle A. – Newark, New Jersey

I couldn’t put the book down! A true escape back to the 90’s remembering young love and the power it has on our souls. Very well written – keeping you engaged until the end. I can’t help but wonder what’s next for Maddie + Max!

Jennifer G. – Kansas City, Kansas

Love the nostalgia! You really feel like you are back in time, in Minnesota! And the ending is 😱😍 Brava!

Erin N. – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Growing up in the 90’s was the best! This book hits all of the highlights and the memories just flooded back. Awesome story, great writing and wonderful characters that we can all relate to. Well done!

Courtney W. – St. Michael, Minnesota

Loved this book so much…I’m already waiting for the sequel! It was a fast and fun read that brought me back to the 90s and reminded me of what made that time so special. The story has a little something for everyone and if you are from Minnesota and/or familiar with the Excelsior area you are in for a special treat!

Amazon Reader

This is a fantastic love story and easy read! In a world full of chaos, this is a refreshing read! I want more!

Stacey S. – Apple Valley, Minnesota

This book was a fun ride through the 90s and a love story that felt so relatable. Loved it and the settings too!

Kristen B. – Golden Valley, Minnesota

This is such a refreshing fun book to read. Takes me back to my childhood. I LOVE this book!!

Megan C. – Chanhassen, Minnesota

Maddie + Max Blog

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About Megan

Megan Effertz grew up spending her days on Lake Minnetonka, renting movies from Blockbuster at night, and being influenced by John Hughes movies as she was coming of age. Those epic movies, coupled with the real-life love stories of her parents and grandparents, each marrying within six-months of meeting, left her no chance of becoming anything other than a hopeless romantic.

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