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90s Fashion

Hey, the 90’s called and they want their fashion back. Doesn’t it seem like the 90’s have sneaked up on us and infiltrated our stores and shopping sites? I was walking through Target the other day and they had a wall of denim – denim vests, denim shirts, denim jackets, and of course denim jeans – and it was all faded. Nothing screams 90’s more to me than denim. Yet, the 90s had such a wide range of fashion. Starting in the early 90s, we were pulling out of the 80s with neon colors, biker shorts and scrunchies, or leather and lace, and straight into the grunge era with its baggy clothes and flannels. But don’t forget that brief period of Laura Ashley flower sun dresses. By the end of the 90’s we’d abandoned the bag and were embracing slip dresses and velvet and chokers. Check out these great fashion trends on Etsy

Maddie + Max get their fashion on in the books with their Keds, Girbaud jeans, No Fear shirts, Oakley’s, Body Glove swim suits, sequin prom dresses and more. What were some of your favorite fashion trends? I’d love to see some throwback pics on social. Follow Maddie + Max @maddieplusmax and share your faves.

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