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In this exclusive content, we delve beyond the pages of the book, unlocking hidden narratives, untold stories, and the author’s unique insights that breathe life into the characters and settings. This behind-the-scenes exploration offers an intimate connection with the creative process, and the intricate details that make this literary creation a work of art.

Maddie + Max Songs from the Book

What do the Beach Boys and Metallica have in common? They’re both referenced in the novel, as a way to illustrate the shift in feelings as Maddie and Max go through the various stages of love. 

Rock On – Another Maddie + Max Playlist

Teens aren’t great at talking about their feelings, let alone describing them. Whether it was Metallica when I was really mad or Beastie Boys when I was ready for some fun, there was always a band waiting for me. 

Heartbreak Has No Age Playlist

Two teens falling in love in late 80’s early 90’s, Maddie + Max is about love, loss and heartbreak. When I picture them after a fight or a misunderstanding, these are the songs I imagine they listened to.

Launch Week Recap

What a week it was celebrating Maddie + Max launching into the world. Thanks everyone for coming out to make it feel so special. We had four great nights of events…

90’s Fashion

Hey, the 90’s called and they want their fashion back. Doesn’t it seem like the 90’s have sneaked up on us and infiltrated our stores and shopping sites? Read where Maddie and Max get their fashion.

What's in a name?

The Meaning Behind Character Names

 Do you know what your name means? How about what Maddie and Max mean? Check out the meaning behind the names of the characters in the book. 

Book Launch Party Details

Come out and celebrate Maddie + Max – the book. We’re launching the book into the world with a party in Excelsior. Bring your friends for a night of good food, great music, and fantastic friends. It won’t disappoint, plus you’ll get a signed copy of the book.

Will there be a sequel?

Read first-hand from the author on whether or not there will be a sequel.

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