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Interview with the Author

Q&A with the Author:

Q: What was the inspiration for writing this book?

A. When I tell people I wrote a book, their first guess is that I wrote about leadership or business. The truth is, I did sit down to write a leadership book and this book spilled onto the paper instead. I had planned on writing a book that paid tribute to all the lessons I learned from my dad growing up. The more I tried to write that book, the more my heart wanted to write this one. It’s a tale about love, loss, and trying to move on when the universe has different plans. 

Q. Tell us about the characters?

A. It’s hard being a teen, trying to figure out who you are and what your values are vs your friends or your family’s. Although the tech is different now, the challenges remain the same across eras. As a teen you don’t have the perspective of time or experience so everything seems so momentous. When I was the age of Maddie & Max everything felt so big and important and I tried to write their thoughts the same way. I watch kids now and think about that time and it just makes me think about how sweet and innocent of a time it really was. I tried to capture that along with the challenge and confusion of growing up and coming into your own. 

Q. What do you love the most about them?

A. I just love them all. They are real, and flawed, and relatable. They all are doing what they think is best and not always understanding why others act the way they do. They still have so many life lessons to learn and things to experience. They only know the worlds they grew up in and don’t have the perspective that not all families are the same. Not everyone loves the same. It creates a lot of confusion and frustration for all involved.  

Q. What do you hope your readers take away from the book?

A. A few of things. First, just knowing most things people do aren’t about you, it’s about them and whatever they are going through. Second, just love the best way you know how even if it is scary. If it’s meant to be it’ll work out and if it’s not, you may get a broken heart but you won’t have to live with what could have been. Third, trust the universe and enjoy the adventure of life.

Q. Are you going to write a sequel?

A. I’ve got a couple of plot lines I’m playing with but I may just write that leadership book next. My ultimate goal though, is for Maddie + Max to become a streaming series. I’ve got a lot more content and back stories on the supporting characters that could make for a fun high school drama series. Who doesn’t love binge watching those? I’ve been chatting with a producer about shooting a pilot here in MN.

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