What's in a name?

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name?

When I was writing Maddie + Max, I was grabbing random names out of thin air. Later, when I was in the editing process, for fun, I looked up what the names mean. Surprisingly, I named the characters quite appropriately. Check out what some of the main characters names mean.

Maddie: Strength in Battle

I love the meaning of this name because Maddie is battling herself and what she truly wants through the whole book.

Max: The Greatest

Max’s nickname is Chief in the book. He says at one point, he’s called Chief because he’s the Boss – a slang for being great back in the 90’s. He’s also striving to be the greatest he can be at hockey pushing everything else out of the way to achieve it.

McKenna: Born of Fire/Ardent Love

McKenna is Maddie’s best friend and knows Maddie and Max’s secret. She helps fan their flame, even when Maddie tries to extinguish it. She never waivers on the idea that Maddie and Max being together – forever.    

Tyler: Tile Maker

While not a tile maker in the story, Tyler is always crafting something – usually trouble for Max. I like to think Tyler being his crafty self inadvertently shapes the direction of Maddie and Max’s love story.

Samantha: God has Heard or Flower

The day Maddie and Max meet, Samantha shares a cautionary tale about her aunt falling for a guy and never getting over him. It’s as if the universe hears that story and then curses or maybe blesses Maddie with the same fate – as her love for Max begins to flower.

Ashley: Dream or Vision

Dreams play a powerful role in the book. I didn’t know this name meant dreams when I plucked it from my mind, but in retrospect, I don’t think I could have selected a more fitting name for this character.

Connor: Strong Willed or Wise

Connor loves Maddie deeply and has a wisdom about him when it comes to Maddie and Max.

Jordan: Descend or Flow Down

Jordan shows up in Maddie’s life when she is ready to move on and let go. He’s steady, constant, and secure. He’s like an angel that has descended down to give her peace.

Griffith: Lord or Prince

Griffith is the prince charming that Samantha has been searching for and notices him when. like a knight in shining armor, he saves Maddie, a damsel in distress.

A few of the other character’s names have significance but you’ll just have to read the book to understand why. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

 Cody: Helpful

 Banshee: Death is Coming.

 Tommy: Twin

 Sheila: Heavenly

Do you know what your name means? 

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