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Will There Be a Sequel?

I get asked a lot if there will be a sequel to Maddie + Max. My honest answer is, I don’t know yet. I fell in love with the characters as I wrote them and often think about what they might be doing now. I’ve kicked around a few ideas but haven’t found the right storyline yet. 

When I first started writing Maddie + Max, I was writing a script for TV. I quickly converted it to a book because there was so much to the story – too much for a pilot script. So, I wrote the book, but there are still so many side story lines I can see in my head that would make for great TV. 

I’ve talked with a few people about turning the book into a pilot and will likely keep pursuing that option. I’d be thrilled to see these characters come to life on the screen. Their story goes a lot deeper than what’s on paper. If you can believe it, I cut a lot from the book and it is still 365 pages. Stay tuned. 

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